Hollywood is one of the toughest businesses in the world to navigate. Why? Because it’s a flawed business model built on smoke and mirrors. It can take years to become an overnight success. Or years just to become a working artist. After a 40 years of combined success in Hollywood, Writer/Director/Producers Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward have discovered the connective tissue to everything in Hollywood. It’s the one thing that connects all the players. Whether you’re a writer, actor, director, editor or composer – everything is connected through story. Both yours and the ones told on screen.

From starting as production assistants on indie movies to selling a 1.25 million dollar pitch to Paramount, writing and directing Lionsgate’s hit EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, creating THE TROOP series for Nickelodeon, adapting THE EXPENDABLES franchise into a tv series for Lionsgate/CBS, to creating the smash hit RIDE ALONG franchise for Universal Studios – Coolidge and Ward have practically done it all.

Currently on the front lines of Hollywood with active projects set up at every major studio and having just wrapped their Amazon pilot, Coolidge and Ward will give you an in depth behind the scenes look at how Hollywood operates in today’s world. From streaming content to big budget releases, they will bring you truth, inspiration and insider information to help you accomplish your goals and tap into Hollywood.